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Bloomin Plantable Seed Paper Promotions

As the worldwide authority and ORIGINAL pioneer of plantable seed paper, we know peace of mind is important to your eco-friendly promotional business. Bloomin Seed Paper Promotions has been “certified and authorized” by the USDA and other Agriculture Departments around the globe. This ensures smooth, affordable, and easy transport of our seed paper. Some countries require specific documentation, while others do not. Our friendly and knowledgeable international shipping team will be happy to walk you through the details and ensure your custom seed paper order arrives on time.


Because Bloomin Promotions produces more seed paper than anyone else on the planet. We work closely with the USDA, who tests and inspects our seeds, and our papers, to ensure only the highest quality non-invasive seeds are used in your eco-friendly plantable promotions. Be careful when choosing seed suppliers. Others, outside the US, may unknowingly be bringing seed paper in containing invasive species, potentially noxious weeds, or even sterile seeds. All of the seed paper we manufacture in Boulder, Colorado ensures the highest germination rates and offers you and your customers true piece of mind when choosing a sustainable eco-promotion. We can accommodate most requests for custom wildflower seeds (additional costs and minimums may apply). We also offer a wide variety of paper embedded with different herb and vegetable seeds all of which are of course are NON – GMO!

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