Compostable – A product made of materials that will break down over time in a landfill, like our cardstock and seed paper does.

Corn based cello (clear bag packaging) – Derived from corn & 100% biodegradable, and used in our clear cello packaged products.

Jute ties and eco grow bags – Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose (major component of plant fiber) and lignin (major components wood fiber). The fiber comes from the same plant family as hemp, linen, flax and ramie.  Jute is a type of plant fiber used to make common items such as our bags and twines.

Organic – Products created through a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.  Some of the seeds in our paper can be offered organic, but it does add considerable cost.

Post-consumer material/waste – Term used to describe material that is being reused / recycled after it has been in the consumer’s hand (pulp for seed paper).

Post-Industrial material – Term used to described scrap or excess material that a manufacturer reuses or recycles throughout the manufacturing process. (also pulp for seed paper made from recycled FSC certified paper used in envelope conversion).

Recyclable – Materials that can be reused or recycled, like all of our seed paper packaging.

Recycled Content – The amount of pre- and post-consumer recovered material introduced in a material production process, usually expressed as a percentage. Our seed paper and card stock is 100% recycled and includes post-consumer content.

What is the FSC? – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. This is accomplished through development of voluntary, internationally recognized forest management standards. FSC is the most widely recognized global certification program. The FSC certification program supports biodiversity, protection and conservation of forests, ensures long term timber products have positive environmental attributes, verified by a global certification system. Our seed paper is made primarily from post-industrial FSC certified paper.

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