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This recording artist wanted to change the way musicians market themselves and sell CD’s. She wanted to bring awareness of the affects CD sales had on the environment, filling up the landfills, and show an alternative way to sell music. Instead of handing out and selling promotional CD’s at her concerts (fans don’t want to hold on to them all night), she was able to hand out these smart, dual purpose music download coasters for fans to upload to the music platform of their choice (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc.). No scratched cd’s no plastic jewel cases, just an eco-friendly gift delivering the music and the gift of flowers.

Strategy & Execution:

To help make her objectives a success, she was recommended to use a Seed Paper Coaster by Bloomin Promotions. Bloomin was the obvious choice, considering their ability to print variable data codes on seed paper, and for their reputation as the worldwide leader in all things seed paper and sustainable products.

 “…In order to keep plastic out of the landfill- and to eliminate the resources and energy it takes to recycle a CD- I wanted to create something more environmentally friendly. I grabbed my web developer friend, Karan Gill, and seed paper experts, Bloomin Promotions, to turn my idea into a tangible product.”


After successfully selling her initial test run of 250, not even a month later she ordered more. Because of the success and positive feedback she received from her fans, she came back and ordered seed paper tags for a festival. It just goes to show that caring for the environment creates a long-lasting relationship and it helps to think outside the box and find sustainable items that reach your target market.

Seed Paper Product:

  • Product Description: This 4″ square “coaster” with rounded edges is a fun, Earth-friendly format for your message. Use as a coaster, postcard, or more. Your 4-color, custom message is printed on the seed paper with Earth-friendly inks that won’t damage the seeds. The seed paper is made by hand from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of wildflower seeds. Just plant, water and enjoy your wildflowers! Coasters are available in a range of sizes for any custom project.

Some of the features she loved about the four-inch square was the large imprint area. The product included non-GMO seeds, the paper is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and everything is biodegradable. When the biodegradable paper composts away, recipients are left with an abundance of beautiful flowers to enjoy. This product is a fantastic way to create buzz and show your commitment to remaining tree-free and eco-friendly.

Using the Seed Paper Coaster from Bloomin Promotions was a natural fit to support Katherine’s goal of sustainability and clearing the landfills. “It will be a great day when the exchange between an artist and their fans isn’t cash for music and plastic; it’s cash for music and seeds.”


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