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Petco needed an original and eye-catching thank you item as a hand out for those that participated in and supported one of their programs to help cats. They looked for a gift that would produce something special to animals and their animal lovers.

Strategy & Execution:

With the idea of a special treat and originality in mind, one of Bloomin’s valued distributors came up with a custom shape and custom seed mix to use in seeded paper. They created the custom Petco Pot with Catnip seeds embedded in the seed paper shape.


The customers loved the cute pot shape with catnip seeds. They went home and grew it for their furry friends and were thrilled with the results. You can read one blogger HERE that was pleasantly surprised with how much grew.

“WARNING: The catnip grown from this card may cause total cat euphoria. Symptoms include loud purrs, blissful sniffing, and a general look of love.”

For this event in 2012, Petco ordered a total of 50,000. One year later, they ordered another 37,500 for another event; three months later they ordered 30,000 more; and a week from that they ordered 37,500 more. It is safe to say this was a tremendous success.

Seed Paper Product:

  • Product Description: Grow your business with a green message! Your full-color, custom message is printed on this fun seed paper shape with Earth-friendly inks that won’t damage the seeds. Our seed paper is made by hand from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of seeds. Just plant the entire postcard shape, water and enjoy!

Some of the features they loved about this seed paper shape included; the ability to customize the shape, the option to choose a custom seed mix that fit their campaign theme, and being able to utilize a CMYK print process on both sides of the product. The team at Bloomin worked hard to create and deliver 50,000 custom shapes, printed on 2-sides, with custom seeds, in just over six weeks.


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