Plant Positivity

Plant Positivity is our newest seed paper line to help promote wellness to your customers. These seeds are all hand-selected to bring positivity both mentally and physically. Scroll below to view all of the benefits of our Plant Positivity mix along with some examples of our fully-plantable products.


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Benefits include:

Peppermint seeds:

Physical benefits include: Digestive health. Fresh breath. Relieving congestion. Decreasing headaches.
Mental benefits include: Raising consciousness. Increasing spiritual awareness. Bring healing and energy.

Lavender seeds

Physical benefits include: Providing relaxation and sleep. Easing pain and tension. Decreasing stress and anxiety.
Mental benefits include: Clearing negative energy. Promotes healing. Increases serenity.

Basil seeds:basil

Physical benefits include: Emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Mental benefits include: Antioxidant that clears negative energy.

Sage Seeds:sage seeds

Physical benefits include: Promotes healing. Brings balance.
Mental benefits include: Clearing negative energy. Helps ground yourself.

Chive seeds:

Physical benefits include: Helps memory, muscle control, and brain and nervous functions.
Mental benefits include: Boosts mood and fights against depression.

Chamomile seeds:

Physical benefits include: Helps ailments such as fever, inflammation, spasms, disorders, and many more.
Mental benefits include: Known for anti-anxiety and sleep aid.


Click below to view some examples of products printed on our Premium Plant Positivity Seed Mix paper. This seed mix is available with any of our fully plantable Premium seed paper products.


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