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Bloomin is the Worldwide leader of eco-friendly promotions, and now – sustainable packaging solutions. As a certified B-Corp, we offer sustainable solutions to not only promote your business and products, but also to package them! We offer dozens of plantable options to set your products apart from the crowd of green-washing pretenders. Seed paper packaging is great for lip balm, lotions, oils, candies, seed bombs, USB drives, and any other light weight items. Available on our extra-thick sturdy Premium White Wildflower paper. Each one comes glued on one side, shipped flat, with minimal assembly required. Available with seed paper shred for additional packaging protection, and more seeds for planting (up-charges apply)!

If your product does not fit within one of our many stock packages featured here, we are more than happy to help you create your own. We can create a seed paper box or wrap from your existing box templates, or your existing traditional card stock packages. If you require a custom box design, our team of artists/paper engineers can help you create your very own eco-friendly sustainable and/or plantable boxes (a one-time die making set up fee applies).

In addition to seed paper packaging, we also offer handmade hemp paper packages, and 100% recycled, post-consumer card stock packaging. They are the perfect way to reiterate your product’s and company’s commitment to the environment. With custom boxes, be sure to mock-up your custom designs first and send us the flat dimensions showing all required scores and folds. Our high quality 4 color process earth-friendly printing process ensures the highest germination rates.